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The Elephant in the Room RST Labs

Judy Rounda, Brendan Shaffick, and Schneata Shyne-Turner were enrolled in Berklee Online songwriting class, with Neil Diercks as the instructor, when Neil offered a choice to collaborate on a song with groups he assigned by the first letters of last names. One other person was assigned to their group, but she chose not to participate. The RST Labs collaboration group met and wrote their first song for that assignment, called The Elephant in the Room, in which the elephant in the room is personified. Schneata's (Dr. SasT) husband, Ray Turner, produced a track for their song.

I Care RST Labs

Once they completed their first collaborative song, members of the group agreed that they wanted to collaborate further, and settled on the idea of creating a song to follow The Elephant in the Room. Would someone befriend the ignored elephant in the room? The song I Care resulted from this collaboration.

Out the Door RST Labs

For a third collaboration, they decided that the elephant does get out of the room and out the door. Felita LaRock provided the vocals.

I Go to the Water Judy Rounda

This song was written by Judy as an almost meditation about her mindset shift as she had begun going to the aquatics center for water fitness classes. Ray as co-writer supplied ambient pads and effects to add to the piano accompaniment.

Goin' Down this Road RST Labs, JazzAnarchy

That familiar elephant is not only out the door, but is now going down the road. JazzAnarchy provided the vocals.

Connect Me Dr SasT, Ginesthoi

Dr. SasT began collaborating with a different group on this song about how we are connected through our music to friends and family and across generations.

Tough Nut 2 Crack RST Labs

When RST Labs began discussing releasing their collaborative songs, they decided that they would call the release Tough Nut 2 Crack, then talked about creating a title song. At first, the song was a piano ballad, then it acquired somewhat of a samba beat, and Ray created the track, and JazzAnarchy once again provided vocals.

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